Center Of Attention Day Spa
Proper Skin Care:

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and has many functions in
our daily lives.  Our skin helps us withstand changes in temperature by
providing evaporative cooling through perspiration and by collecting
fatty deposits for insulation.  The skin is responsible for shielding
harmful exterior forces such as ultraviolet light rays from the sun while
maintaining a protective barrier against germs and bacteria.  Proper
care of the skin is vital for maintaining good overall health.
Over the last several years much has been learned about the skin and
how it ages.  The skin is constantly growing, shedding the outermost
layer while replacing itself with new cells from beneath.  As we age,
our skin has a tendency to slow in the process and we have learned that
this single fact is the main reason why our skin changes in appearance and texture over time.  As
the cell replacement process slows, we become more susceptible to infection from germs and
bacteria as well as sun damage from exposure to ultraviolet rays, which can lead to skin cancer.
Through regular application of exfoliating and moisturizing products, the skin can maintain
youthful color, texture and performance in our later years.  In the 1990s with the introduction of
a variety of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, advanced exfoliation products began to become available.  
These products have evolved today to provide a wide array of options from gentle to aggressive
services.  Through professional implementation of these products, tired aging skin can regain
some renewed youthful characteristics previously thought to have been lost to the passing of the
years.  These products have even been effective in causing pre-cancerous cell tissue to shed
avoiding surgery and associated scarring.

Benefits Of Massage:      * Soothing Relaxation      * Stress Relief      * Improved Circulation
* Lowered Heart Rate      * Rejuvenation Of Tight Muscles      * Increased Lymph Flow
* Lowered Heart Rate      * Reduced Blood Pressure

The net effect of these bodily changes are documented to improve the body’s ability to remove
toxins from the tissues and thereby provides for an overall stronger more resilient immune system.

Important Note About Hydration:

Did you know the weight of the average adult is 50% to 65% water?
During the course of normal daily activities, not all body tissues flush out toxins well and these
toxins can become a primary source of  fatigue.
Massage causes the release of water along with the toxins that have become trapped.
This is why it is critically important to drink extra water after any massage service to re-nourish
your body.
The average adult can survive for weeks without food.  
Three days without water and it's all over!
Drink Water - It's Good For You!!!!!!   

Care Of The Hands & Feet:

As our feet and hands are in constant use during our daily lives, they are thereby at risk of
damage and infection.  Proper care of the hands and feet is known to be a fundamental part of
maintaining good health.  Circulation to our hands and feet can become diminished as we age
making it all the more important to care for them.

A Note About Acrylic Nails:

Acrylic nails are not right for everyone and the decision to wear them comes with a
responsibility for proper maintenance that should not be taken lightly.  Improper care can
increase the risk of mold and fungus which, when left unchecked, can permanently damage the
nail beds.

Our Commitment To Excellence:

We will not allow ourselves to provide any service whereby we believe the client’s health or our
standards would be compromised.     We trust you appreciate our commitment.