Center Of Attention Day Spa
What’s in a name?
Did we decide to name the spa Center Of Attention because we were
originally located at the Island Center on Pine Island?
               Maybe a little.                                                                                                                         

The overwhelming reason for the name is to convey to our clients that
each one is our “Center Of Attention”.
This is not a business strategy; it’s really how we feel.

Décor and Image:
It’s all about the clients.  We’re here to serve.  We have set out to create
crisp clean surroundings where clients can come to be pampered.  We
want an atmosphere of calm confidence where all clients can come to
receive services and leave in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Its all about peaceful happiness.  While each of us has our own individual personality, we are proud
that Center Of Attention Day Spa has taken on it’s own personality with each of us becoming part
of the whole experience.

Center Of Attention Day Spa
Mission Statement:

“We pledge our continuing and undying effort to make each service the very
best available within our field.”

“We consider it our obligation to maintain continuing education and product
evaluation in order to ever improve our services.”

“We invite your input as we will never allow ourselves to become self-righteous
or complacent.”

“We view each of you to be our most important customer.”

“We appreciate your patronage and remain at your service.”

Our Mission Statement was not written to impress or sell any of our services or products.  It is our
statement of purpose.  While it was written to our clients, it was not written for our clients.  We
wrote it for ourselves so that we could stay focused on our goals and beliefs.  We then published it
for all to see so that it would become the perpetual statement of our founding principles and would
thereby guide us throughout our future.  This is not sales hype, we really believe it.