Center Of Attention Day Spa
Massage Services

Relaxing Massage
90 Min - $101.00  55 Min - $73.00  30 Min - $50.00
Our basic spa massage incorporates soothing long strokes over oiled
skin with kneading of the outer layers of muscle tissue using mild
pressure along with stretching of relaxed muscles to release fatigue.
This massage serves to soothe sore and fatigued muscles while
reducing stress.  Relaxation of the nervous system aids circulation,
and helps with detoxification.

Back, Neck & Shoulders     ½ Hour    $50.00
If you‘re in a hurry or maybe just a little timid, this might be just the
massage for you.  Since the back, neck and shoulders are the most
prevalent problem areas, your therapist will work on these specific
areas utilizing techniques from both our relaxing massage and neuro-
muscular massage where applicable.  This massage can be
administered with oil by disrobing from the waist up or dry through
the clothing.

Hot Stone Massage              80 Min     $137.00
This massage is more than therapy; it’s an experience in itself.  For
an hour and 20 minutes as many as 50 basalt stones heated to 120-140
degrees Fahrenheit will be rubbed over your oiled body.  They will be
placed on top of your body, beneath your body, on your stomach, in
your palms and between your toes.  The stones’ warmth will enhance
the relaxing effects of the pressure.  Come experience the healing,
grounding qualities, which makes our Signature Hot Stone Massage
a profound experience.

Maintance Massage               55 Min  $80.00
This massage adds a few special techniques to the relaxing massage.
Trigger Point Release concentrates on the tiny knots that develop in
a muscle when it is injured or overworked.  Commonly, a cause of
most joint pain, they are known to cause headaches, neck, and jaw
pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Myofacial Release works by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing
circulation and lymphatic drainage.  This massage is designed to be
completely therapeutic and all you will feel is complete relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage          90 Min - $121.00    55 Min - $88.00
This therapeutic treatment is designed to target your deepest layers
of muscle and release tension in overstressed areas.  When the
muscles are severely knotted, a deep-tissue massage is the dynamite
needed to break it up.  The therapist will use short strokes and
powerful pressure employing the thumbs, forearms, and even elbows to work muscle tissue and
relieve tension.  We should warn you that this massage is not for the timid.  This is a firm
pressure technique that is good for resistant scar tissue or simply for one who enjoys hard, deep
pressure, on all areas of the body.

Ultimate Massage                80 Min    $171.00
If you feel special, then this is the massage for you.  Your therapist will begin with a
consultation to ascertain the problem areas of your body that will require a little extra neuro-
muscular attention.  Your treatment will begin with the long soothing strokes of our relaxing
massage and accelerate into a myriad of custom tailored treatments incorporating
aromatherapy, hot basalt stones and special neuro-muscular attention to those problem areas.
A menthol mask will then be applied to your hands and feet with a sealing layer of hot paraffin.
As the menthol and heat from paraffin do their work, you will be treated to a final phase of
relaxation incorporating more of the long soothing strokes of our relaxing massage.  We’re
pretty sure you’ll need help to get off of the table at the end of this treatment; but have no
fear your dedicated therapist will be happy to provide assistance at no additional charge.

TMJ Neuro-Massage   15 Min  $20.00   Add To Any 1 Hr Massage
Are you a little stressed?  Do your teeth ache?  Do you feel pressure in your ears?  If so, this
service might be just what the doctor ordered – or maybe the dentist.  Temporomandibular
Joint: Now there’s a mouthful – literally!  This is the joint that connects your lower jaw bone
to your temporal bone.  At times of stress, it is natural to tense the jaw and that can lead to
some rather aggravating soreness and headaches.  The muscles attached to the jaw are very
strong and this intensive service will help release the tension that has built up.  Many clients
report immediate results.